New features April ⭐️
Hello everyone,
Here are the new features implemented for April: 
1. users/projects: async import
Asynchronous import for automatic creation of important user lists and projects. In the participants section, you can import them and the projects that go with them. You just have to import the XLSX sample file and there is no limit to the number of participants, unlike before when you could import up to 300 participants.
2. module: export/import module from one program to another
This feature allows to reproduce a module on different programs, to keep the same template.
3. event: copy to another program
With this feature you can duplicate events on different programs.
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4. hook: trigger on project / participation registration
A webhook is triggered as soon as a new participant or a new project is created. This can be linked to Zapier for example to set up actions on other platforms.
5. statistics: view all button to view all datas details
This feature allows you to have precise details about the statistics of your program.
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6. project: follow a project and get notified of updates
With this new feature, you can be alerted as soon as there are news, modifications or other on a project you are interested in.
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7. mentoring: office hours reporting
This way, office hours can be reported.
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