Hello everyone,
Here are the new features set up for January  :
1. Duplicate jury session with score card on program duplication
Here, when you want to duplicate a program, the jury session will also be duplicated with the predefined score card. A real time saver.
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2. Limit the number of characters for the project name and description to be displayed on the card
For this new feature, we wanted to make the project grid more visible to voters and the landing page.
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3. Participant: last login
Here, the new feature allows us to display the date of the last connection of a user on the profile form and in the management space.
Screen Shot 2022-09-01 at 17
4. data table: display filters in the URL
For this feature, when a filter is applied on a table, the URL of the page is automatically updated in the navigation bar. So you can copy/paste and share a filtered table page directly on a parameter.
Screen Shot 2022-09-01 at 17
5. project registration: hide the program course in the project space until the project has reached a module
Thus, the participant will have to finish the module to start a new course.
6. project registration: allow members to edit project registration form from the project manager space
This feature gives you the possibility to give participants more time to refine their applications.
7. project wall: change the layout in order to display more project in the wall
This new feature aims to make the project wall more visible. Thus, 4 project sheets per line instead of 2 previously and we have redesigned the project sheets.
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8. project registration: better onboarding process
The registration process is now directly integrated into the program flow, at the beginning of the program. The user understands that he/she must first complete the project registration to be allowed to access the course content (modules).
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9. email: new variables
The manager can customize the content of emails sent from the platform using variables (project name, user's first name, module name...).
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