New features of March ⭐️
Hello everyone,
Here are the new features implemented for March: 
1. course: program freemode
Creation of a "free" mode, so participants to a training program can navigate freely from one module to another without necessarily respecting the classical order.
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2. newsfeed: default post on program creation
A welcome message is automatically added when a new program is created.
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3. stats: filter by jury session (project/participant)
In the statistics of participants or projects it is now possible to display only the data of participants or projects belonging to a specific jury session.
4. jury: send feedback to project members (+ anonymous mode)
Juries can now send feedback to project members, with an anonymous option.
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5. jury: edit feedback by the program manager
The program manager can add or remove items from jury feedback.
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6. jury: bulk action to add participants
In the session configuration of the participant evaluation panel, it is possible to add participants to be evaluated in one bulk action.
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7. jury: jury invitation link to set a password and access the jury session
This way, juries can have direct access to their session.
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8. jury: new UX for jury vote session
You will find "preview" and "next" buttons to switch from one rating to another. In addition, for each rating, you will get the save notification after clicking on "save". But also, in the case of a project that has no deliverable, typically in the case where the projects will be seen live, the rating sheet will take up the whole page so that it is more readable.
9. workspace: UX and navigation improvement to access program home
New buttons to facilitate navigation between the landing page and the program area.
10. signatures: download multiple pdf certificates at once
To download certificates faster to verify signatures.
11. SSO: OpenIdConnect
Single Sign On now supports the OpenId protocol (in addition to SAML).
12. registration and forms: link media to a field (photo, video)
It is now possible to add media for registrations, such as photos and videos.
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13. landing page: interlinking (open a tab from another tab)
It is now possible to create links that point from one program tab to another.
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14. course: display phase description in the timeline
Thus, the information of each module is readable on the timeline, and you can access the module from this timeline.
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15. hook: trigger a hook (to zapier) for new participant/project registration
A webhook is triggered as soon as a new participant or a new project is created. This can be linked to Zapier for example to configure actions on other platforms.
16. project wall: filter on my votes
This allows you to find specific votes based on filters.
17. course: preview module for mentor and PM
Mentors and program managers will be able to preview their module before making it public by clicking on the eye next to the module name.
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